Hand held free scultping 3D pen.

Printing your House?

3-D Printers are all the rage right now and of course the idea of printing your own house is there as well… OK for many particular applications from population explosion to missions to other planets and such. I myself have been following the ideas with 3D printing, tiny homes, etc for awhile now and wanted to start share some of the things that’ve come across. The first is Contour Crafting from the University of Southern Californina (USC).

Contour Crafting is a fabrication process by which large-scale parts can be fabricated quickly in a layer-by-layer fashion. The chief advantages of the Contour Crafting process over existing technologies are the superior surface finish that is realized and the greatly enhanced speed of fabrication. The success of the technology stems from the automated use of age-old tools normally wielded by hand, combined with conventional robotics and an innovative approach to building three-dimensional objects that allows rapid fabrication times. Actual scale civil structures such as houses may be built by CC. Contour Crafting has been under development under support from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research.




My present to #SCNis10

So many of my friends and coworkers have been writing their testimonial blog posts to SCN, the SAP Community Network, congratulating them on reaching their 10 year anniversary and although I posted a video I did not really share many of the “old stories” and “memories” yet so I decided it was high time to get off my butt and dust off something that has been sitting on a shelf for a the past few years…

I’ve decided that I will finally publish a manuscript that I was working on a few years back – it holds my thoughts, feelings and ideas of the SAP Community Network it has what I believe to be many of the best practices that I developed, help developed and learned from. It’s a rough manuscript and I’ve decided to publish it just that. The book was put on hold due to the announced and then pending launch of the brand new SAP Community Network on a whole new platform and as the book was originally a planned “how to guide” for the community it just did not seem appropriate anymore but now I think many will get a kick out of the “old” platform and maybe a happy thought or two as they read through it.

As I said it’s rough, not been through the final editorial process and will be published as an eBook only and of course a portion of any money collected will go to charity as is the nature or at least what I believe to be the nature of the community.

So watch this space as I will be pulling it all together and putting it online here in the next few weeks leading up to SAP TechEd!




Down Under and SAP HANA

We finished a few hours, our first ever SAP CodeJam event in Australia! That’s twice we’ve hit the Southern Hemisphere so far with the events and our third time is rapidly approaching! HANA of course being our biggest pull these days!

With less than 20% drop off it was our most packed event so far and we even had 3 people show up this afternoon asking if we could squeeze them in as well!

Excellent people, excellent food and some great photos are a result of today and a huge thank you out to the Eventful gang for helping with the logistics of the event!

If you are a Facebook user you can easily check out our page there and of course the great photos we took!



rekindled demand? Ein Ami Comes to Lippstadt

In the past two weeks demand for my book has increased 10 fold – wow! So I guess I better post some updated links.

Paper copy – http://www.lulu.com/shop/craig-cmehil/ein-ami-comes-to-lippstadt/paperback/product-2520108.html

e-Book – http://www.lulu.com/shop/craig-cmehil/ein-ami-comes-to-lippstadt/ebook/product-20723548.html

iBook – https://itunes.apple.com/de/book/ein-ami-comes-to-lippstadt/id452479961?mt=11

nook – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/ein-ami-comes-to-lippstadt-craig-cmehil/1105791320

Oh and just so everyone who has already gotten a copy – the second book is already in the works and should be available here soon.

a different view before the weekend


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