Sweet Home 3D

Designing and building a vision of a dream home… or really anything else! I’ve been using this for awhile now. In fact I’ve used it and a laser room measuring tool to map out each of my apartments for years now. Helps when designing or trying to decide how to use your space and frankly it’s just fun!

Sweet Home 3D

It’s an Open Source project and just one of the best I’ve played with and of course a price that you can’t beat!



Through SourceForge you can download the free version or you can even get it in the Mac AppStore but for a price.

Predator a Horn OK Please masterpiece

You’ll want to watch for this and order your copy!

Grace was excited about the college re-union. Familiar faces from the past. But one face always made her go weak in the knees. A face that was a secret even to her best friend until the day Grace went missing. Everything was about to change for the sleepy town when the mutilated body of a young girl was found.

Was it the curse of the devil that enveloped the sleepy town? Had it chosen a vineyard for its macabre dance of death? Were the deaths connected? Would Inspector Khan be able to stop these strange events from unfolding in that sleepy town? Would he be able to face the ghosts of his past?



Stargate Atlantis on Earth

I’m sure a few of you have seen the TV Show,  Stargate Atlantis. When it first came out I was not really into it but now seeing re-runs I’m kind of digging it! So when I came across this it was exciting to say the least!

A British and Chinese-based design firm called AT Design Office has developed a concept for an incredible floating city of the future as a sustainable alternative to land-based cities in order to meet the demands of our ever burgeoning global population….

The floating city is comprised of hexagonal modules that have both underwater and above water layers. The aim of the project is to be as green as possible; the main modes of transport around the island will be submarines through interwoven canals and electric cars. The city will have a large dock for big ships so that the island remains well connected with the outside world. The dream is that in the future, numerous floating cities will exist that are arranged in interconnected clusters.


Over the years the concept of “underwater hotels” has increased, but the idea of a whole floating city? We’ve done some amazing things  underwater so far but nothing that extensive! The coolest or at least in my opinion one of the coolest and the one that attracted me to the topic to begin with years ago was the BioSUB.

Some folks even did their own




Replicators are getting closer to reality!

OK if you’ve been reading for a while you know I’m really liking this 3D printing technology but what I came across a few weeks ago is just unreal! And it’s in place and being used already!

The company behind the project is called Biozoon Smoothfood. It’s using liquified ingredients—vegetables, carbs, meat, etc.—in the place of the ink or PLA that a 3D printer would normally use. Ingredients are inserted into the cartridges of the printer, and with the help of a binding agent, they come out as food that pretty much melts in your mouth. For now they’re making six foods: cauliflower, peas, chicken, pork, potatoes, and pasta. But more food is on the menu for the future.

Seriously they are printing food and people are eating it!



** Featured image found here.


Not just saucers…

OK I guess I should have waited before posting about saucers. It seems saucers are good for Mars and this bad boy is great for soft landing anywhere on Earth.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2 seems to be an amazing machine, capable of transporting seven astronauts to orbit and then soft-land anywhere on Earth using thrusters and retractile legs—with the accuracy of an helicopter. Elon Musk claims that they will be able to refuel it and launch it again right away.


* Featured image found here.

a different view before the weekend


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