Invasion of our beaches!

Monterey Bay is quite a spectacular sight right now, as parts are littered with thousands of electric blue, glass-like sea creatures that have been swept ashore by the wind. These bizarre cnidarians (a diverse phylum of animals including corals and jellyfish) are calledVelella velella and they’re normally found floating on the surface of warm and temperate oceans. Beach goers are treading carefully along the coast, but they’re not dangerous and their sting isn’t harmful.

Check it out!

Yep humans we are screwed!

Nature takes care of it’s own and we humans need to stop screwing with the environment or we’ll be taken care of to I think!

Staff at West Midlands Safari Park weren’t expecting to have to play babysitter to their resident anacondas any time soon – given the fact that both of their snakes were female. But in a bizarre twist, one of them has given birth to three babies without a daddy.

- via IFLScience

a different view before the weekend


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