Astrology may be right..

But when I scrolled through my feed the next morning (also from my bed), I noticed a tweet from one of the astrologers I follow, reminding everyone to be cautious with our communications now that Mercury was in retrograde. And that’s when everything that happened the day before made sense.



The evolutionary tree for modern humans a bit of a mess – humans haven’t had a close relative on this planet for over 10,000 years, but there used to be several other closely related species living at the same time. Genetic analyses on bone fragments from Neanderthals and Denisovans has given us new insight into our not-so-distant evolutionary past.

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What happens when they leave?

As we hopefully all become more evolved and we see military bases shut down and forces withdrawn (hopefully because it’s not needed anymore) what happens to the areas where they were?

That links talks about basically a town abandoned and how they’ve spent years reclaiming it piece by piece!

Poachers are horrid people!

Want to know more stats? Want to do something about it? If nothing else support those who are doing something!

In May, a poacher’s poison arrow killed Satao, an elephant who was more than 45 years old. More than 20,000 African elephants were killed last year for their tusks. Satao’s tucks weighed at least 100 pounds, and when poachers killed him they cut them out of his head and left his body on the ground.

Moved by Satao’s death, Sigey developed a device that notifies park officials when poachers cross into the reserves.

a different view before the weekend


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