The SAP Developers Guide to PHP

Believe it or not I have finally sent the 1st Draft off to the publisher and now I am waiting for them to tear it apart and send it back to me for corrections and then hopefully by Christmas it will be on the shelves (so to speak) for purchase; from my understanding you can even reserve yourself a copy on the German website or here on the US website. Now just because you are reading this weblog doesn’t mean I expect you to buy a copy.

OK, if you are interested in PHP and have something to do with SAP Development I expect you to buy one and then tell me what you think about! I mean my whole future as a writer hangs in the balance. OK that’s a bit of an exaggeration, maybe just my future as a technical writer.

So what does the book offer?

  • Introduction to PHP
  • SAPRFC module in practice
  • Connections with PHP to the SAP system
  • Unique example application

Just to name a few items and I have to say that if I didn’t work for SDN I would have submitted the big example program in the book as a weblog or article!

7 thoughts on “The SAP Developers Guide to PHP”

  1. The content of your book sounds very good, but is it true it will have less than 100 pages? I just wondered, as for the price on the official listing page I would expect a book with something like 600 pages…


  2. The format of the book is actually a bit different than a normal book, although in a normal setting it would not be 600 pages it is pretty packed with code and information.


  3. Hi Craig,I’ve been playing with SAPRFC module in PHP and perl. It works fine running on my laptop (either command-line PHP5 or PHP5 running with IIS) or on my hosted domain One thing I haven’t tried (because of access to servers and corporate locked down boxes) is running PHP with a NW’04 WAS.Does the book explain how to integarte PHP with a WAS ? – I’m thinking here of waht changes need to made to php.ini, and what parameter changes are need to get the WASS to recognise <PHP ?> tags in BSP code or just raw HTML.


  4. Actually for using PHP with WAS you make the connection just like you would normally to a R/3 system.To my knowledge no ones has yet to attempt to integrate PHP into a BSP code or HTML code on a WAS server. To be honest I’m not sure what benefit it would bring. can check in this forums, this is where we’ll end up talking about doing it or why someone would do it.


  5. Hi,

    Where can I get your book?

    I’m from spain, and I have not enough money to by the 199 $ Amazon’s copy.

    I’ve been consumin SAP WebService with PHP but now, I need to launch SAP screens from my php app, and I think that your book it is all than I need!!!

    Thanks a lot


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