@eventtrack – tracking people in the moment reporting

I’ve been working on an idea around “subscribers” to @eventtrack, I mean anyone can start an event but what about those who really are starting an event I think the information I can provide them could be qute valuable to their future events. The screen shot is a sample of a report that I’m putting together along with notes and todos as I move forward. I currently have 4 users in beta test for this feature and hope to collect feedback from them soon!

No worries I’m not ready to give up my day job but I am having a lot of fun on this project and it’s expanding quite a bit. I just expanded the entire FAQ section as well, check it out.

I’m also open to suggestions about other services, or if you have a service you want to integrate I’m eager and happy to work with everyone to find a possibility. For the most part I need a tag or keyword generated RSS or JSON feed and I am set to go.

And for those interested watch this space in the near future you’re gonna have a chance to participate and win ;-)

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