2nd Annual Marathon a wrap

So it’s Sunday and I have slept now a solid 12 hours to make up for being awake almost 30 hours completely 25 of which was dedicated to the 2nd annual 24 Hour Marathon for the Doctors Without Borders.

I’ve decided to share with you the content around the event and then my thoughts on the event here first.

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  • jspath55RT @ccmehil About 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 [more like 2 seconds to go now!]
  • brasker@InFullBloomUS, @rwang0 and others to present during 24h Marathon Doctors w/o Borders http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 #fmr24
  • skeohan@jspath55 just realized I have parent-teacher conf for young one at noon.Hopefully catch part of your hour on #FMR24 http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • rquackenbossRT @ccmehil: About 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 << will be great . Line-up is awesome!
  • yellowparkRT @ccmehil About 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 <- all the best craig
  • TonkaPomeRT @ccmehil: About 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 <- Have a great one! I will try and watch what I can.
  • mrinalRT @ccmehil: About 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • ccmehilAbout 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • jimworthRT @nenshad: This is a wonderful effort by @irregulars @ccmehil. Please support this 24 hr marathon for Doctor’s Without Borders http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • grahamrobboI am doing to miss most of @ccmehil and the #fmr24 Hope lots of my followers can tune in http://bit.ly/d84Hfl Starts in about 5 hours
  • Srini74RT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • tbroekRT @ccmehil: today is the day for the 24 Hour Marathon 6 hrs and 18 minutes and counting down http://bit.ly/d84Hfl << good luck!!
  • ccmehilwow thanks everyone http://bit.ly/d84Hfl was viewed over 200 times yesterday most all of it coming from your tweets – #fmr24 will be great!!
  • ccmehiltoday is the day for the 24 Hour Marathon 6 hrs and 18 minutes and counting down http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • csellandRT @nenshad: This is a wonderful effort by @irregulars @ccmehil. Please support this 24 hr marathon for Doctor’s Without Borders http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • smeepeRT @ccmehil: today is the day for the 24 Hour Marathon 6 hrs and 18 minutes and counting down http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • SameerPatelRT @nenshad: This is a wonderful effort by @ccmehil. Please support this 24 hr marathon for Doctor’s Without Borders http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • nenshadThis is a wonderful effort by @irregulars @ccmehil. Please support this 24 hr marathon for Doctor’s Without Borders http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • ITSinsiderjust sent @ccmehil a video interview with member headed up social strategy for Oxfam America. watch it tomorrow! http://is.gd/bkXxC
  • dahowlettCome join @ITSinsider and I, 1pm ET on FMR supporting Doctors Without Borders – http://is.gd/bkXxC
  • dahowlettRT @ccmehil Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl – I”m no at 1pm with @ITSinsider – join the fun..do good
  • mjayliebsRT @mkrigsman: I’ll be on “Friday Morning Report” geek radio discussing IT failures and photography http://bit.ly/bPPIDw Come listen!
  • mkrigsmanI’ll be on “Friday Morning Report” geek radio discussing IT failures and photography tomorrow http://bit.ly/bPPIDw Come listen!
  • InFullBloomUSI wish I could take tomorrow off to listen to every sessions http://fridaymorningreport.tv/2010/04/08/agenda-for-2010-24-hour-marathon/
  • abeshRT @ccmehil good night all, catch you tomorrow on the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • ccmehilgood night all, catch you tomorrow on the 24 Hour Marathon! http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • mepmarceloRT @ccmehil UPDATED Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl – Good luck my friend !
  • mepmarceloRT @ccmehil: UPDATED Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • ccmehilcleaning up the last minute speaker stuff for tomorrow http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • MGILLETRT @MarkYolton: @ccmehil’s 24-hour marathon Doctor’s w/o Borders lineup and special guests http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • luislanzRT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • ccmehilUPDATED Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • oswaldxxlRT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • skeohanRT @jspath55: Like @dahowlett @dealarchitect @skeohan et al: Proud part of @ccmehil’s Doctors w/o Borders http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 [I’m co-h …
  • SAPCommNetRT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • mrinalRT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • jonerpnewsfeed#news Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/bazw5U (via @jonerp)
  • jspath55Doh. @wolf_gregor, not that other name. [continued 2.1] the #FMR #MSF marathon @ccmehil’s Doctors Without Borders http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • MGILLETRT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • ITSinsider@dahowlett @dealarchitect @ccmehil and I’ll be banging back. :-) Join Us! http://j.mp/dgTiCW
  • ITSinsiderRT @MarkYolton: @ccmehil’s 24-hour marathon Doctor’s w/o Borders lineup and special guests http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • MarkYolton@ccmehil’s 24-hour marathon Doctor’s w/o Borders lineup and special guests http://bit.ly/b5gSo8
  • InFullBloomUSI’m honored to be part of @ccmehil’s Doctor’s w/o borders show http://bit.ly/b5gSo8. I’ll present on HR technology/SaaS InFullBloom
  • jspath55Like @dahowlett @dealarchitect @skeohan et al: Proud part of @ccmehil’s Doctors w/o Borders http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 [I’m co-hosting @ Noon ET]
  • dahowlettLike @dealarchitect: Proud part of @ccmehil’s Doctor’s w/o borders http://bit.ly/b5gSo8 – I’ll be banging on about Enterprise 2.0
  • dealarchitectProud part of @ccmehil’s Doctor’s w/o borders http://bit.ly/b5gSo8. I’ll present on healthtech and global innovation in #thenewpolymath
  • TomRafteryRT @ccmehil: Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl
  • ccmehilAgenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon http://bit.ly/d84Hfl

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Friday, April 9

Saturday, April 10

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THank you @eventtrack for tracking things as well! Seems things were received nicely as well!


Chat Log

It seems we lost the first half of the chat history :-(
03:15 ewH: Yeah, @mkrigsman and @brian rockin it
03:17 mkrigsman: LOL got him on the run
03:17 ccmehil: big changes != big money
03:18 jspath55: I’m curious what software runs the Doctors WIthout Borders operations. (and fund raising too)
03:19 mbechauf: $3304 !!!
03:19 ccmehil: for fundraising they use multiple different platforms as for their organization not 100% sure I think their website talks about it will check
03:22 ccmehil: Michael seems to be picking fights now after chasing Jon he’s gonna step outside with Brian?
03:23 mbechauf: Great wrap-up, thanks for the debate !
03:25 kumarrk21: that’s a great way to avoid Spam!!!
03:29 jonerp: @michael +1 relationships >> demos
03:36 jspath55: Sapphire AND ASUG
03:36 jspath55: @JonERP – should I bring the seam ripper?
03:37 c821311: @mkrigsman been following your photgraphic exploits for a while, nice.
03:37 mkrigsman: c8 thanks!
03:38 jspath55: Craig – show the video!
03:38 GretchenL0703: The image of @jonerp is a mesh half tank top *is* scary, so late at night.
03:39 jonerp: later peeps, nice hanging with ya, taking a break
03:39 mbechauf: Did he just cut the arms off that Mentor shirt after jon was suggesting it ?
03:39 Harald: @jspath55 That’s a great video
03:39 mbechauf: At least the tie is still on
03:40 Harald: he is going all rogue on us
03:40 mbechauf: Looked good though !
03:40 mbechauf: … and thankfully @finnern gave him a second shirt
03:40 Harald: I have to work on my biceps to make it look good
03:41 jspath55: @mbechauf – I cut them off last night, before the video shoot, using a seam ripper.
03:41 mbechauf: @jspath55 you could compete with Rambo
03:41 jspath55: There’s been an ongoing discussion about how sweaty the jerseys are.
03:42 JohnA: jspath55 with the Rambo Mentor look
03:43 jspath55: MSF PSA 2010 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kde8uXMev1U
03:43 mbechauf: @jspath55 yes, I think it’ll be Mentor T-shirts from now on. @yojibee was complaining as well
03:43 mbechauf: DON’T CLOSE THOSE EYES !!!!
03:44 Harald: Well, the mentor shirts are actually great in the cool London weather – every Friday me and Robert Briese are sporting one as we work at the same client
03:46 GretchenL0703: The mentor shirts work in Houston, too; they keep offices so cold here. i wore one of mine today..
03:48 jspath55: I wore my Mentor jersey ouside in the snow this winter. Other than that, it’s way too hot for me.
03:56 jspath55: MSF PSA 2009 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyFzhnioo60
03:58 jspath55: that was about http://www.oxfamamerica.org/ BTW
03:58 mbechauf: Dude, were you going to take a break at all ?
03:59 itsinsider: how many hours to go craig?
04:00 itsinsider: yay! technicallywomen.com!
04:00 GretchenL0703: Ready to hear about women in technology!
04:03 mbechauf: JAEGER and RED BULL !!!
04:03 corycc: Hang in there Craig!
04:04 JohnA: Marilyn always motivates me and she’s nowhere near my office.
04:04 kumarrk21: keep it going man..you are doing a great job
04:05 jspath55: Oh, Snap!
04:05 kumarrk21: try safari
04:05 corycc: http://www.ncwit.org/pdf/NCWIT_WomenInITFacts_FINAL.pdf
04:06 jspath55: get a woman to help you, craig.
04:06 JohnA: Obviously Chrome was made by angry men
04:06 mbechauf: Well, I guess women are just more skilled with technology ;-)
04:06 itsinsider: hahaha
04:06 kumarrk21: good one @mbechauf
04:06 corycc: @jspath55 LOL!
04:07 itsinsider: will there ever be a woman CEO at SAP?
04:08 kumarrk21: windows is not working for a mac fanboy..
04:09 kumarrk21: geez..chrome still has close button on the right..
04:09 jspath55: we’re with you Craig – improvise!
04:09 mbechauf: Have a coffee
04:11 kumarrk21: go craig..go craig…go craig..
04:13 Graham Robbo: Suddenly Craig looks much more awake and better dressed
04:13 mbechauf: Maybe you should project that image and take a nap for an hour
04:15 ccmehil: seems jumpy closing a few apps to make it run smoother
04:16 jspath55: The Time Traveler’s Woes
04:19 ewH: alright back after baby feeding duties
04:21 ewH: do we still have the tie?
04:21 mbechauf: Craig, are you snoring in the background ?
04:21 ewH: Do I hear snoring? LOL
04:21 kumarrk21: hey.wake up
04:21 ewH: this is hilarious!
04:22 mbechauf: ROFL
04:22 mbechauf: I hope this is all recorded
04:22 mbechauf: I better call his cell phone
04:22 ewH: damn, Im rolling over here
04:23 ewH: haha, theres MB
04:23 ewH: LOL
04:23 jspath55: one ringy dingy
04:23 ewH: haha, and now we can hear the convo
04:23 kumarrk21: no..no..no..
04:24 ccmehil: was awake working on getting to go faster
04:24 jspath55: https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251822835/FMR24-2010-t-shirt-tie-a.jpg
04:24 ewH: you were awake but getting attacked by heavy breathing stalker?
04:25 mbechauf: Hmm, he looks refreshed
04:25 mbechauf: Amazing what these power naps can do
04:25 kumarrk21: speed nap!!!
04:25 jspath55: “Oh, Snap”
04:25 ewH: if you are rebooting a windows machine, you can get a good nap in
04:26 c821311: Was that a power nap?
04:26 ewH: well he sounds like a new man, so I would say it was definitely a power nap
04:26 mbechauf: Well, the snoring noise is definitely gone. Must be a coincidence now that Craig’s back ;-)
04:27 ewH: @mb damn funny
04:27 ewH: This is going on his performance review
04:27 c821311: very funny
04:28 mbechauf: @ewH definitely !
04:29 kumarrk21: @ewH this is going on the next entGeek podcast atleast..
04:29 ewH: @kk you know it
04:30 ewH: But I did see the tie, so the tie fund is up to $20
04:32 jspath55: nothing to see here move along.
04:33 kumarrk21: mmm.”technical glitch”
04:33 mbechauf: My wife also says I’m snoring. I don’t think so. I never heard it myself ;-)
04:35 ewH: This is a rough stretch for Craig too. Not many viewers and no guests for another 2.5 hours
04:36 ewH: Craig, we love ya man…cmon
04:36 ewH: Why else would I still be up
04:36 ewH: lol, now thats fake
04:37 mbechauf: Hmm, what else could we do to cheer Craig up ?
04:37 ccmehil: LOL
04:37 ewH: Well, Im pretty sure you gave him the best suggestion with the Jaeger Bombs
04:37 ccmehil: someone want to come make me breakfast?
04:37 JohnA: all the brits in the videos have posh accents. I feel left out :)
04:38 kumarrk21: @ewH..we know you are nocturnal..
04:38 jspath55: I’ve got a big pot of coffee on. You’re welcome to a cup.
04:38 ewH: we have a John Astill appearance!
04:38 JohnA: i’ve been hibernating
04:38 mbechauf: If this were a civilized country, we could order you breakfast over the Internet. But it’s Germany where there is a national debate about Facebook going on
04:38 ccmehil: LOL
04:38 ewH: Germany where everything closes at 6pm
04:39 jspath55: JohnA – it’s after midnight. You want to take my shift the rest of the evening?
04:39 mbechauf: Maybe SAP IT has a breakfast hotline ?
04:40 JohnA: jspath55 – let’s see how long I can last.
04:40 mbechauf: How many volunteer Doctors do they have ?
04:40 ewH: you should do it in a waffle house so you can eat all night
04:40 jspath55: Jerry Lewis has been an android for many years.
04:41 JohnA: craig- do you have the star room like at TechEd? You could go for a lie down and not snore at all
04:41 ewH: We could all call it a night and retag all our tweets to FMR18
04:41 mbechauf: @ewH Waffle houses in Germany ? Have you ever been to Walldorf ? The only 24×7 operation around there is SAP IT in Rot
04:41 JohnA: lol
04:41 ewH: @mb exactly why I was planning on you flying him to the US for it
04:42 ewH: Damn, I guess it would still be FMR16
04:42 mbechauf: @ewH that can be arranged. We definitely need to bring him over for the CodeX/SAPlink hackathon
04:42 ccmehil: nope no star room to lie down in :-) nope gonna do the 24 last year I got my second wind around this time so hopefully here soon too :-)
04:43 ewH: absolutely, we need both Craig and Gregor Wolf from Germany
04:43 ewH: SAPlink/Codex hackathon coordinated all via chat on FMR24, good stuff
04:45 ewH: @jspath, didnt you do the whole 24 hours last year?
04:46 jspath55: @ewH no, I did about 18 hours last year. Had a meeting or something, plus short nap.
04:46 ewH: Am I miscalculating or is there 25 hours listed on this years agenda?
04:47 mbechauf: So, I suppose they have permanent staff for logistics, plus a number of Doctor volunteers who jump in for specific projects after some training
04:47 ewH: @jspath I knew it would be you who lasted the longest
04:48 ewH: play that snore music again, that was soothing
04:48 JohnA: want me to show the Home Carbon Challenge thing I worked on? We can squeeze that into a good 5 mins
04:49 mbechauf: Darn, I have a bike ride at 5am this morning. Wish I could stay up for Ray/Sig/James.
04:49 ewH: @JohnA yes, I want to see how much you’ve progressed on that since TechEd
04:49 kumarrk21: @JohnA.that would be a good idea
04:49 ewH: @mb Craig is putting each hour up as an archive as soon as its over
04:50 ewH: so you can catch them tomorrow
04:50 ewH: @johna you should also talk about smurfs plus your other hobbies
04:50 ewH: wheres the latest news on the chumby like thing you had going on?
04:50 ewH: CRAIG with the new tie position!
04:51 ewH: $21
04:51 JohnA: the chumby is right next to me
04:51 ewH: show it dude, seriously
04:51 JohnA: nice blue polystyrene head with white sunglasses on
04:51 JohnA: and a big hole cut into the side for the chumby
04:51 mbechauf: We need to post a couple of before/after pictures
04:51 JohnA: I had to go to Fryes on the left coast just to get cables.
04:52 ewH: oh no…its getting bad
04:52 ewH: same diff
04:52 jspath55: I’m back, I think; had to switch sitting positions and go to wired.
04:52 JohnA: lets see if I can assemble the enterprise geek chumby head
04:52 JohnA: all the bits are here
04:52 mbechauf: As long as he does not see any pink elephants because he is start to haluzinate
04:53 ewH: @jspath will love the carbon challenge thing by johnA
04:53 ewH: he is putting his egeeks chumby together
04:53 JohnA: jspath was (un)fortunate to see me demo it at TechEd. Laurent Bride does a much better presentation
04:54 ewH: Man, we’ve been stuck on $3304 for a while now
04:55 jspath55: JohnA – you did a fine job, considering how much you practiced the night before (haha)
04:55 ewH: oh yeah
04:55 JohnA: surprisingly the chumby still works despite being jammed into polystyrene
04:56 ewH: who needs an iPad when you have a Chumby?
04:56 JohnA: I will never ever forget the presentation at Teched. 5 mins prior my demo jam demo was killed by a transport into the system.
04:57 JohnA: “Either you are installing an update or your chumby did not start”….. comforting words
04:57 ewH: @johna lol
04:57 mbechauf: I’m a eGeek newie and did not know you guys had your own band. Who are they ?
04:58 JohnA: I bought an iPad today because I know how much ewH loves iPhones at Teched :)
04:58 ewH: Its our buddy Matt Harding, a hard core enterprise geek from down under
04:59 ewH: @johnA and I saw you couldnt open up FMR24 on it :(
04:59 JohnA: unfortunately the page was missing the video and the chat. Kind of useless really
04:59 ewH: @mb here is the info http://enterprisegeeks.com/blog/2010/02/02/enterprise-geeks-theme-song/
05:00 ewH: @JohnA were you getting blue legos instead?
05:00 JohnA: just empty spaces. I was expecting the lego
05:01 mbechauf: What a wonderful picture having Craig (German time) and Jim (Eastern Time) next to each other to compare :-)
05:01 corycc: sleepless in Toronto
05:02 mbechauf: (says the guy from California who is still at the beginning of his evening)
05:02 corycc: craig are you getting numb-bum?
05:04 corycc: phew!
05:05 ewH: another hour with the tie, another dollar…$22 to the tie fund
05:08 JohnA: any chance of a community day this year?
05:08 TonkaPome: Morning, Afternoon & Evening all.
05:09 ewH: Whats up Neil
05:09 ewH: This is the shirt I’m wearing today in honor of FMR24 http://shirt.woot.com/friends.aspx?k=12625
05:11 TonkaPome: @ewH Thanks for the EGeeks shirt BTW
05:12 ewH: @tp absolutely
05:12 JohnA: So which enterprise geek wants the chumby head when its done?
05:13 corycc: Since I don’t have a mentor or egeek tshirt, I’m wearing this: http://www.hollywoodloser.com/shirts/HeadPike.html
05:13 ewH: Well since Im on here, Im gonna say ME!
05:13 ewH: @corycc LOL
05:13 JohnA: you’ll have to harang Dan for some Adobe software to update the channel. My free license expired. It runs flash lite
05:13 ccmehil: @cory awesome! make a pic!
05:14 JohnA: Ill clean up the head and line it. Then ill send it to you
05:14 ewH: So I have to con dan for free software so you will give me a chumby? Yeah, thats going to work
05:15 JohnA: not for me, for you
05:15 JohnA: or betteryet, get Dan to update the channel
05:15 ewH: ahhh, I see. What software does it need?
05:16 ewH: never mind, you already said that in the chat
05:16 ewH: flash lite
05:16 ewH: you have to have a license to fun flash lite?
05:16 JohnA: not to run it but to develop it.
05:17 JohnA: right now the channel I created only shows the logo. Ideally it would show the podcasts.
05:17 ewH: ah ok, Im sure I can pull some Adobe strings and get that taken care of
05:17 ewH: I thought Chumbys ran a version of Linux
05:18 ewH: For anyone wondering what the hell we are talking about: http://www.chumby.com/
05:18 JohnA: the channels are displayed using flash light, or were last time I looked. I have Flex Builder but could not figure out how to get it to generate flash lite that would work
05:19 JohnA: I used another Adobe tool but forget which it was.
05:20 corycc: @JohnA yup, was wondering – thanks!
05:20 corycc: oops, meant @ewH – thanks!
05:21 JohnA: I painted the head blue which was a big mistake. I should have gone pink, it’s not a mans head….
05:21 ewH: do you have a link to the picture of it?
05:24 JohnA: http://tweetphoto.com/8678754
05:25 JohnA: http://tweetphoto.com/8678800
05:29 ewH: @johnA haha, awesome
05:32 ccmehil: buhhhh cold outside
05:34 TonkaPome: 15:30 in Sydney
05:37 ewH: I just sat down and heard my name, what did I miss?
05:37 ewH: I thought JohnA was going to show the carbon challenge thing?
05:38 ewH: haha
05:38 JohnA: how can I show it?
05:38 jspath55: send craig a URL?
05:38 ewH: @johnA do you have skype?
05:38 JohnA: I do
05:38 JohnA: jastill1969
05:38 JohnA: its a facebook app
05:39 ewH: so call craig on skype so we can hear you at least
05:40 ewH: sweeeeeet!
05:40 jspath55: nice v neck sweater
05:41 jspath55: “naff”?
05:41 TonkaPome: Naff means rubbish
05:43 jspath55: Thanks, I thought it was something bad.
05:45 mbechauf: Good night / good morning y’all. Need to bail. Have very early bike ride tomorrow.
05:45 TonkaPome: Like pants means shit
05:45 mbechauf: Thanks Craig ! Good luck for the few remaining hours.
05:46 jonerp: darn, can’t seem to get sound going for #FMR
05:46 kumarrk21: that’s some good integration with tripit..
05:46 jspath55: @jonerp – STAR-SIX
05:46 jonerp: @jspath indeed
05:50 ewH: alright folks, I added my donation + the tie fund…time for bed.
05:51 kumarrk21: when AMI becomes more widely adopted, you could still provide this as a part of SAP solution to provide customer self service..
05:53 ewH: I dont see how you do it Craig, Ive only been up for 17 hours and Im done
05:53 TonkaPome: @ewH Night mate.
05:55 ewH: @johnA good show sir, good show!
05:56 jspath55: Thanks for the donation ewH!
05:57 jspath55: JohnA – what else aer you working on, like for Mobile?
05:58 jspath55: John – do you want to do an ASUG webcast?
05:59 jspath55: Mobile Tech stuff…
06:00 jspath55: We still have an hour of nothing scheduled ahead.
06:02 jspath55: Who’s next?
06:02 Jeron: how abt we pull up something on microfinance ?
06:04 jspath55: PlanetFinance?
06:28 jonerp: talk amongst yourselves
06:29 jspath55: nom nom nom
06:31 jspath55: camera depends on what you’re wearing
06:33 jspath55: 2 that you know about.
06:39 jspath55: Breaking news – freebsdgirl The wiki page for Iron Man’s armor is incredibly detailed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Man%27s_armor
06:43 jspath55: ephemerality
06:50 jspath55: “divorcing your friends”
06:51 rwang0: sweet! go aussies!
06:52 rwang0: thanks for the props. it’s midnight. i still have to do my taxes!
06:53 jonerp: @jspath55 – pruning the friend tree = always therapeutic
06:53 rwang0: enterprise irregulars party at my house on sunday 2 to 7 pm. should be fun to see everyone.
06:54 jspath55: @jon I’m preemptively blocking any twitter follower with lots of follows and few tweets. FB is next.
06:54 Harald: That’s why I got a CPA…and this year he did great
06:57 jonerp: @rwang0 agreed – SaaS vendors definitely inflicting positive pricing pressure
07:01 jonerp: irrefutable proof that I am indeed wearing a tie for @ccmehil and #FMR all night!
07:01 jonerp: http://twitpic.com/1ehwow
07:04 jspath55: Sure @Jon – you could have taken that weeks ago.
07:05 jonerp: @rwang0 if you had to bet your restaurant money on the first SaaS vendor to succeed in the large enterprirse ERP space, who would you place your food money on
07:06 jonerp: @jspath good point
07:06 tpowlas: SAP bought BusinessObjects!
07:09 jspath55: Good presentations don’t make good products.
07:10 jonerp: @rwang0 and perhaps customers can receive some hefty maintanance discounts for providing such valuable feedback
07:27 pixelbase: morning Craig!
07:27 jonerp: @pixelbase yo!
07:28 jspath55: Sapphire Jon? What?
07:28 jspath55: Ira Glass – born in Baltimore ;-)
07:28 jonerp: Craig enjoy this #fmr hashtag tweet: http://twitter.com/Beauty_is_Meeh/statuses/11908662342
07:33 jspath55: CICS?
07:33 jonerp: @jspath did I say Sapphire? I meant ASUG of course
07:50 jspath55: ASUG
07:50 jspath55: There are 4 keynotes in 3 days.
07:51 jspath55: Schedule here – http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/SAPMentors/SAP+Mentors+at+ASUG2010%2C+SapphireNow
07:51 Harald: See you in Frankfurt then
07:58 jspath55: Ferris?
07:58 c821311: hey there from Australia
07:59 Harald: Midnight shift here from Scottsdale
07:59 jspath55: Thanks. It’s 4AM. Ding.
08:00 jspath55: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kde8uXMev1U
08:01 jonerp: I don’t think 4 keynotes is enough – I want about eight keynotes
08:02 c821311: Next FMR24 – Craig gives free taxation advice
08:04 jspath55: meh
08:04 jspath55: hour 4 – http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6067898
08:04 jspath55: hour 5 – http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6069011
08:05 jspath55: and the link to donate more!
08:09 sig: I’m here! :)
08:09 c821311: ATB Jon
08:14 c821311: ATB Ray
08:17 c821311: You wearing bright lycra @Sig?
08:21 c821311: Let me see you apply the EHP to your bike
08:26 c821311: Craig, tie is finally off?
08:28 jspath55: What – no tie?
08:43 dhague: Anyone know how to get Ustream on Android?
09:06 Tom Raftery: If only we had someone who knew something about technology
09:07 Tom Raftery: $3600? Wohoo!
09:09 c821311: hey James
09:15 dhague: OMG – Governor’s turning into a hippy!
09:16 dhague: James Farrar is apprently moving to the UK
09:21 ccmehil: everyone hear James? Farrell?
09:22 Tom Raftery: We can hear Farrell ok
09:22 Tom Raftery: Is James there too? ;-)
09:24 Tom Raftery: I’m thinking the whole Franciscan look is coming back in
09:46 ccmehil: http://friendfeed.com/search?q=EPA&from=monkchips
09:47 ccmehil: Fwd: RT @sradick: EPA cut FOIA requests by 96% by publishing more data (http://is.gd/aXsqQ). There’s your social media ROI! #gov20 #opengov (via http://ff.im/i9mDr)
09:48 Tom Raftery: here’s the EPA FOI story http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0310/031810e1.htm
09:49 Tom Raftery: w00t! the tie is back!
09:49 ccmehil: https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251822835/FMR24-2010-chin-posin-craig.jpg
09:49 Tom Raftery: James, where’s your tie?
09:49 ccmehil: tie was always there
09:51 Tom Raftery: Really, I thought you had it off when James started – must have been hallucinating
09:51 dhague: yeah, fame again!
09:51 Tom Raftery: Serious cleft from Oliver
09:54 ccmehil: was tied around my arm Tom :-)
09:54 Tom Raftery: Aaaah – that’s what it was
09:54 Tom Raftery: Thought I was losing it there for a while
09:56 Tom Raftery: Did you talk photography with Michael Krigsman
10:02 Tom Raftery: Superb
10:02 Tom Raftery: Must look into the Mkrigsman recording so
10:04 Tom Raftery: Gotta head out for a while – back soon
10:19 c821311: awesome theme song
10:19 c821311: go Matt!
10:21 c821311: Craig, sound is not so good
10:21 c821311: getting a ton of echo here
10:48 wolf_gregor: Back from lunch.
10:52 Blag: Hello again :D
10:53 Blag: Who’s talking?
11:16 c821311: excellent demo
11:16 GretchenL0703: yes, still asleep here in Houston, but I’m waking up
11:22 skeohan: I love the sound of Gregor Wolf in the morning!
11:25 Kirsten G: Craig–does SAP do gift matching?
11:27 ccmehil: Yes but not sure where form is in the portal
11:27 skeohan: Does anyone have the overnight tie numbers?
11:29 Kirsten G: OK. I found it somewhat recently–work computer not booted right now. will check monday.
11:31 Kirsten G: Good luck with reaching the goal! Thanks again for another nice show–was lurking a bit yesterday too… :-)
11:35 Tom Raftery: Heading for the weekly shopping with the family Craig – best of luck with the remainder of the show
11:43 c821311: Overview is good
11:44 wolf_gregor: http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/CodeExchange/Code+Exchange+Platform
11:50 GretchenL0703: Just put a lnk on my FB page; hope it brings in some new viewers
11:50 wolf_gregor: Oh god. The Harmonica.
11:51 jspath55: I’m back – sorry for the drop out.
11:52 jspath55: kewl – $3,800!
11:57 c821311: bring back the harmonica
11:58 c821311: suweeet
11:58 GretchenL0703: Has anyone phoned Mark yet?
11:59 mkrigsman: Nice music!
12:00 GretchenL0703: Surely they would enjoy waking up to your lovely harmonica music concert at 5 am :)
12:07 skeohan: skeohan Only one more hour to help @ccmehil (and us) meet the goal – please give now to #FMR24 http://www.firstgiving.com/fridaymorningreport
12:08 c821311: yup
12:10 Blag: Mark looks kinda scary LOL
12:10 c821311: Jack Sparrow you aint!
12:10 GretchenL0703: sort of a Marilyn Manson look
12:13 jspath55: https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251822835/FMR24-2010-finnern-pirate-a.jpg
12:13 c821311: Pirate guy – http://www.twitpic.com/1ejtoq
12:14 jspath55: Tdt – beat you by a nose. ;-)
12:15 c821311: Line ball Jim – nice!
12:19 jspath55: Hi Luis!
12:20 pixelbase: Hey guys. Am I on time for the final stretch?
12:20 skeohan: @pixelbase – yes, yes you are!
12:21 pixelbase: @ccmehil I’m convinced my kids need an iPad ;)
12:21 pixelbase: @skeohan
12:22 skeohan: I admit to buying too much stuff – and regret it afterwards
12:22 jspath55: “a gift has been made in your name” is only meaningful for an over-21 year old I think.
12:22 pixelbase: I have to admit to the same.
12:23 skeohan: And then there are the gifts that keep on taking, such as ZombieFarm on your 9YO’s Ipod! A loss of 550 – which I have matched here :)
12:23 c821311: what if the parents also want to play with the kids gifts?
12:24 jspath55: @sue $550 – as in US dollars?
12:24 pixelbase: @ccmehil @finnern daughter just came i, looked at the screen and said she likes you both ;)
12:24 jspath55: c8 = TdT
12:24 mattharding: Tony – I’ve trained the kids to want what I want…
12:24 skeohan: I figured that if Itunes removed the charges, the money should go to a better cause than ‘buying brains’
12:24 c821311: amen Matt
12:24 pixelbase: @ccmehil @finnern You must be doing something right
12:28 c821311: skype carousel?
12:28 pixelbase: ok
12:29 pixelbase: I think I’m on now
12:30 mattharding: Don’t all speak at once!
12:30 mattharding: Nice use of Skype…
12:33 skeohan: That’s a great point Michael – I hope that these games will help them learn and remember stuff – but we also do save these extreme gifts for special occasions.
12:33 skeohan: in 5th grade, my teen’s teacher had the kids do a clothing drive, then go to a homeless shelter to distribute clothes. Guess what my teen remembers from 5th grade?
12:35 jspath55: I spoke, but nothing came out. Dropping off the con call. :(
12:36 skeohan: will drop off call and contain myself to chat to reduce noise
12:39 jspath55: I was going to talk about micro-finance.
12:39 skeohan: Now I feel it’s more important for my kids to see the efforts I put into helping their sports teams, charities (this) and volunteerism. Perhaps micro-finance is next.
12:40 jspath55: The challenges SCN had in deciding what charity to pick, and keeping members happy, wasn’t/isn’t easy.
12:41 mattharding: Sue – I really like your example…Very good point to remember
12:42 jspath55: Ah ha! The missing credit card #.
12:43 skeohan: I was shocked that MIT would not match my donations
12:43 skeohan: Craig – you are doing great, and we all love you for it!
12:44 GretchenL0703: A mom I know @ BARC brings her daughters over there to volunteer, too.
12:44 skeohan: @gretchenl0703 +1
12:44 GretchenL0703: Recently the girls held a lemonade stand to raise $ for an animal shelter. Made the local news.
12:45 mattharding: Craig – You’re doing better than O_Mayer on his first night in Sydney!
12:47 jspath55: I hear dead music.
12:47 c821311: Man, Oliver was torched that first night.
12:47 c821311: go Matt!
12:48 mattharding: Go the 80’s guitar!
12:48 jspath55: OH SNAP
12:48 pixelbase: wheres the Mac Grab Tool when you need it ?
12:50 c821311: whoah – http://www.twitpic.com/1ek25n
12:52 abesh: sup ppl ?
12:52 jspath55: https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251822835/FMR24-2010-finnern-smiley.jpg
12:52 jspath55: Advantage – TdT
12:53 pixelbase: it’s a bit Alice in Wonderland goes Lazy Town…
12:53 jspath55: “Cut to commercial”?
12:53 mattharding: Is that some wet paint on your wall we can watch too? (just kidding)
12:53 mattharding: Pixelbase – Crack up!
12:54 jspath55: Craig – you ROCK!
12:54 skeohan: Yipes, it is pole-capping day in Bedford. May not get to see the end results live. Rats. http://bit.ly/9q88UQ
12:55 corycc: YEAH CRAIG – CONGRATS!
12:55 jspath55: 5 more minutes and you’re done!
12:55 pixelbase: you’ve done 1 hr too much!! ;)
12:55 mattharding: Congrats!
12:55 corycc: #fmr25?
12:55 abesh: Craig you’ve done 25 hours !!!!
12:55 abesh: AWESOME !!!!!
12:55 corycc: lol!
12:56 abesh: Hey Mark :)
12:56 c821311: Popcorn? http://www.twitpic.com/1ek3io
12:57 abesh: I want to see how craig looks like
12:57 mbechauf: Wow, he did it !
12:57 abesh: WHAT ??????????
12:57 pixelbase: show us, show us…
12:57 abesh: Hey Michael :)
12:57 mbechauf: The tie is still on
12:57 mbechauf: Hey Abesh, good morning to the East Coast
12:58 corycc: @mbechauf LOL i was just gonna say that
12:58 corycc: next year… #FMR30!
12:58 mbechauf: Was Craig snoring another time ?
12:59 jspath55: @mbechauf no snoring. 1AM-3AM ET was pretty tough.
12:59 pixelbase: @tjung while you’re looking for the camera, can you also get an ABAP stack working on it, please?
12:59 abesh: @mbechauf Good morning :)
12:59 mbechauf: @jspath55 Yeah, I saw you before I bailed out. You looked like a pretty tired Rambo
12:59 c821311: Just before snoring at 3am http://www.twitpic.com/1ek49e
13:00 jspath55: Yay for Butch McNally and the TN ASUG chapter!
13:00 mbechauf: @c821311 Love that picture !
13:00 jspath55: Tom J is giving that session at the ASUG conference, right?
13:01 c821311: @mbechauf – your phonecall saved the day!
13:02 jspath55: The Dune series that never ends…
13:04 c821311: Around 23 hours ago – http://www.twitpic.com/1ek5bs
13:05 jspath55: duct tape
13:05 c821311: roadie!
13:05 jspath55: that would be gaffer tape…
13:05 mbechauf: @c821311 Did he take a shower in between ?
13:06 jspath55: Craig had the black T shirt on y’day under the dress shirt + tie.
13:06 c821311: Want me to post the shower picture?
13:06 mattharding: Breaking news: eGheads now like the iPad!
13:07 jspath55: boys and their toys hah hah ha
13:08 abesh: WHAT ??? BEX running of the iPad ???
13:08 mbechauf: Yeah, dream on …
13:08 mbechauf: We gotta run a iPad developer challenge, then we can talk about it :-)
13:10 mbechauf: A couple ????
13:11 finnern: I am with Craig -> No camera major let down
13:12 finnern: But that was the only thing you could do listen to the radio. No multitasking, the other bad thing!
13:13 jspath55: We watched you eat, Craig.
13:13 abesh: @finnern multitasking would come with iPhone OS 4
13:13 mattharding: Semi Multi-tasking coming in OS 4.0
13:13 mattharding: Woops – beat me to it @abesh
13:13 abesh: Hey Matt :D
13:14 mattharding: Thomas – Shouldn’t changing the background to the eGhead logo be the first thing you did?
13:15 abesh: @mattharding and before I forget to say I loved the eGeeks theme :D
13:16 mattharding: Thanks Abesh! It was a blast to write…
13:16 GretchenL0703: so you carry an iphone and ipad *and* a laptop?
13:17 abesh: @thomas_jung show us some games on the iPad :)
13:18 jspath55: Donation update?
13:18 abesh: @mattharding does your band have some other songs that I could check out ?
13:19 c821311: @mattharding – Any other SAP themes coming up?
13:20 mattharding: Abesh – it’s just me writing songs for others to play – but yeah – myspace.com/musicianmattharding
13:20 mattharding: Good night Crag – Great work!
13:20 jspath55: Great job Craig – et al!
13:20 abesh: @mattharding I’ll check that out :D
13:20 corycc: Way to go Craig!
13:21 c821311: Well done Craig, nice job.
13:21 mattharding: Fade to ipad…
13:21 finnern: Cool Craig. Thanks for doing it!
13:21 abesh: we want to see your face craig :)
13:21 abesh: THAT WAS AWESOME !!!
13:22 CoreKeeper: over already? :/
13:24 abesh: i lost video
13:24 abesh: over ?
13:25 finnern: Yep it is over and out! And the day is here :-) Have a great one all of you
13:26 pixelbase: excellent stuff, Craig. Thanks for making it happen again. Well done!
13:26 mbechauf: Awesome job Craig ! Have a good day everybody, and I hope Craig is getting some sleep now.
13:33 Blag: Great job Craig! Sleep well my friend :D
14:11 JAX CMEHIL\”S: good morning Craig, you look great after all those hours awake


  • Craig Cmehil 4/11/2010 $100.00 Thank you everyone!
  • Gregor Wolf 4/10/2010 $70.00 50 € + 1 € for Mark with the tie and 1 € for Jon Reed with the tie
  • Jason und Aaron 4/10/2010 $37.00 Super Daddy!
  • Mark Finnern 4/10/2010 $100.00 Happy to have been part of it!
  • Thomas Jung 4/10/2010 $100.00 Good Job!
  • Pixelbase SAP Consulting 4/10/2010 $30.00 good going Craig! You’re a star
  • Sue Keohan 4/10/2010 $50.00 In the stretch now…
  • Gregor Wolf 4/10/2010 $33.00 24 Euro or $33 already for Craig wearing the tie
  • RedMonk 4/10/2010 $100.00
  • Kirsten Gay 4/10/2010 $100.00
  • A Kansas Jayhawk fan 4/10/2010 $15.00 Great show
  • Chris Dalby 4/10/2010 $30.00
  • R “Ray” Wang 4/10/2010 $40.00 I had to match Jon Reed here
  • Jon Reed 4/10/2010 $40.00 You rock my friend!
  • Mellyki 4/10/2010 $40.00 :) good work, great effort and you know I will always support ya (even from Australia)
  • ewH 4/10/2010 $131.00 Go Craig! 100 + tie fund
  • Jeron 4/10/2010 $20.00 Great Initiative !
  • Oliver Mayer 4/10/2010 $50.00 Keep going :)
  • Tony de Thomasis 4/10/2010 $50.00 Great job, keep it up.
  • Michael Krigsman 4/10/2010 $25.00 Keep it going!
  • Harald Reiter 4/10/2010 $50.00 You’re the man!
  • Michael Bechauf 4/10/2010 $100.00 True commitment Craig – way to go ! Thanks for doing this.
  • Matt Harding 4/10/2010 $30.00 Nice work yet again Craig…
  • Cory 4/10/2010 $100.00 Nice going Craig. Great work for a great cause.
  • KK Ramamoorthy 4/10/2010 $25.00 Great initiative Craig!!!
  • Graham Robbo 4/10/2010 $100.00 @ccmehil rocks!
  • Harry the Ninja 4/10/2010 $100.00 for a fellow mentor
  • @sjohannes 4/10/2010 $25.00
  • Tim 4/10/2010 $100.00 Workflow rocks
  • Harry 4/10/2010 $100.00
  • @dhague & @4GH 4/10/2010 $100.00 Keep up the caffeination!
  • Sue Keohan 4/9/2010 $9.00 Tie money – to date
  • Martin Gillet (@mgillet) 4/9/2010 $50.00 Gr8 Initiative, thanks for your dedication. Have a gr8 FMR Marathon ! w00t !
  • Chip Rodgers 4/9/2010 $50.00 Great job Craig! Hang in there for the 24!
  • tbroek 4/9/2010 $25.00 Great initiative – again!!
  • Hendrik Achenbach (@heddy71) 4/9/2010 $15.00 Nice show
  • Nenshad Bardoliwalla 4/9/2010 $100.00 Honored to contribute to such a great cause. Great work, Craig.
  • Frank Köhntopp (@koehntopp) 4/9/2010 $50.00 You rock – happy to help.
  • Naomi Bloom 4/9/2010 $100.00 Happy to support this great organization.
  • DJ Adams (@qmacro) 4/9/2010 $50.00 Great job, Craig
  • ITSinsider 4/9/2010 $100.00 happy to support this effort, craig
  • Marcelo Ramos 4/9/2010 $20.00 Glad to help such a special cause, keep going Craig
  • Linda Bortolus and Ben Tomsky 4/9/2010 $40.00 Nice tie! Great cause.
  • Anonymous 4/9/2010 $10.00
  • Mary Sebahar 4/9/2010 $25.00 Glad to help such a great cause … thanks for all your work!
  • Karin Tillotson 4/9/2010 $100.00 Glad to help this great cause!
  • Daniel Koller 4/9/2010 $40.00 …for a good cause
  • Tammy Powlas 4/9/2010 $50.00
  • Gretchen Lindquist 4/9/2010 $100.00 Congrats Craig on another successful 24 hr marathon!
  • Greg Myers 4/9/2010 $25.00
  • marilynpratt 4/9/2010 $100.00 fun to help take this over the $1000 mark. Bravo Craig
  • Abesh & Haimanti 4/9/2010 $10.00 Go Craig !!!
  • JohnA 4/9/2010 $50.00 Great work Craig
  • Jan Penninkhof 4/9/2010 $25.00 For a good cause
  • Tom Raftery 4/9/2010 $50.00 Good man Craig
  • CoreKeeper 4/9/2010 $25.00 http://www.studierenist.net
  • ML 4/9/2010 $100.00 Thanks for doing this!
  • Sue 4/9/2010 $20.00 Attaboy
  • Sig 4/9/2010 $100.00
  • The Oswald Family 4/8/2010 $5.00 Good luck!
  • Anonymous 4/8/2010 $100.00 A very worthy effort!
  • monkchips 4/8/2010 $100.00 good cause!
  • Sarah M. G. Otner 2/19/2010 $20.00 “Did universal charity prevail, Earth would be a Heaven, and Hell a fable.” – Charles Caleb Colton

My Thoughts

First a big thank you to the new fans who joined the fan page during the show, seems Facebook is becoming a good part of the technology I use for the show!

As I prepared this writeup we have collected $4320, that’S 87% of our goal and I am confident that between the course of the next couple of days and the offline donations and matching company donations we will hit our goal of $5000. Last year we set the goal at $2000 and brought in over $5000 as well so I have faith that we will make it this time as well.

Several times during the show I was asked why and how come and I have to say the basic reason is because I feel that it is the right thing to do, I also know that not everyone is a fan of the charity I chose and many think there are better or easier ways to donate but since I am online all the time I think that devoting 24 hours once a year is not too much to ask for what I consider to be a good cause and a worthy charity. I also see it as a perfect opportunity to come together (even virtually) as friends to have a good time and experiment with various technologies.

For the show I use various different tools to make it work from Rackspace Cloud hosting, to uStream for the video platform, Garage Band to record audio, uStream Producer to push it all out, Acorn for graphics, Fluid for my chat window, yShout for chat, WordPress to pull it all together, Twitter and Facebook to get the word out, Google Calendar to alert everyone and Adobe AIR to provide an easy connection for the masses not to mention Fugu to get things online afterwards.

So what were some of my personal highlights during the show? There were so many I simply can’t name them all unless I simple say “look at everything I listed above” :-) Therefore I will focus on a few very personal things such as how great it felt to have so many join me at all hours of the night to help make it happen – how so many jumped in during the 1-3 “horror period” where I struggled so hard to keep going. The fact no one laughed when things didn’t work and how everyone laughed when we were having such a great time. The fact that so many from the SAP community joined me and so many that were not did as well.

I think more importantly for me though was the number of folks who have already volunteered to make our 3rd annual 24 Hour Marathon in 2011 even better!

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