Ein Ami Comes to Lippstadt – eBook!?!?!

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I just received a mail this morning from Lulu.com the self publishing service I used so long ago when I wrote my book about the first 5 years of experiences here in Germany. They’ve gone ePub and now my book is available in the iBookstore and the Nook Bookstore, not to mention Amazon as well. The original purchase location being Lulu themselves.

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One thought on “Ein Ami Comes to Lippstadt – eBook!?!?!”

  1. Hey Craig!

    Just (bought and) read your book. Loved it. Somechapters a littleconfusing, though, but all in all readworthy. I just reminded myself about where in your timeline we got to rant and complain over the german ways… :)

    Books like this is very inspirational, and might just be a trigger for someone else to do as well… Or not…


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