A choice made…

Bridges never burn

Well here I am, once again writing a life changing moment in an post to so many people that I know out there. I’ve done this type of post before but I’m not sure I’ve done it with as many happy thoughts in my head swirling around distracting and exciting me at the same time.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve tried a lot of things and I’ve experienced a lot of things. I have no regrets; it’s something that I am extremely proud that I can honestly say! So what am I babbling about now?

Well as of February 1, 2012 I’ve started a new job at a new company, many of you will know the company and many of you will probably either laugh or stare right now with wide eyes. I’ve decided after long and careful thought to rejoin SAP as a Technology Evangelist.

Evangelism is no strange term to me and I’ve always been extremely happy being able to sit down with the non-believers and show them that all that marketing hoopla is actually based on reality! So coming back to work at SAP right now where the number of non-believers has grown recently is a challenge that I am eager to take on!

HANA, Mobile, Cloud, Gateway, the list goes on in terms of the technologies that I will be dealing with and I can’t wait to get my fingers into the mix and see what can be done and push the limits even further!

The past 10 years has been a strange ride for me, from moving to Germany to getting married to having children to getting divorced to changing jobs from one industry to another to making my own start-up and selling it to joining another start-up to working in development, community, communications, influencer relations.

Interestingly enough though, in my professional life there has always been a constant about what I do and how I do it and it’s always revolved around passion, motivation and dedication to something I believe it. So when the opportunity came up late last year with SAP I eagerly entered the conversation and as I learned more about what is happening and what is coming down the pipeline I simply found it harder and harder not to say yes. I’ve watched SAP change so much over the past several years and it looks to be changing even more as we speak!

Now is the time when I’ll be especially curious about what my friend and mentor Dennis Howlett has to say and of course Jon Reed, and of course what they say together. I’ll also be looking at every possible angle I can to convince another friend Vinnie Mirchandani that innovation is taking place and then the list goes on and on with all of the Enterprise Irregulars and of course my own buds over at the Enterprise Geeks.

It’s still the very early stages of the job and I’ve a lot of catching up to do on all sorts of things such as HANA, and there is a lot of stuff – have you seen all of this??

Not to mention the Mobile things, which Sami and I will be reconnecting on the “Mobile World of SAP” podcast. Then there is Gateway and so many other projects to find out about!

Ones you may never have even heard about like Process Orchestration!

It’s truly an exciting time to be into Technology and be at a company with so many things moving forward! I’m overwhelmed but not for long and I’ll do my best to bring it to all of you as quickly and easily and plainly as humanly possible!

In just 3 short days I’ve seen and heard about things that folks like Ed Herrmann and Dan McWeeney would say “let me at it” and folks like Anne Petteroe would say I’m in and even folks all the way over in India like Abesh Bhattacharjee would go nuts to get their hands on.

Expect to start hearing a lot more from me as the days go on!

10 thoughts on “A choice made…”

  1. Heh Craig – it’s a great privilege to count you as a friend and colleague but above that, I’m glad you took the decision to spend some time away from ‘the mothership.’ Fresh perspectives are too hard to get when you’re on the inside and I know from our convos you’ve gone kinda ‘wow’ when looking back and forth.

    My only plea to you – please breathe new life into DemoJam. It was your baby but babies as we know grow up and have different needs. If you want some thoughts on that then feel free to ping me.

    All in, I believe this is going to be a phenomenal year and a great time to be re-engaging. Hard to believe I know from one of SAP’s sharpest critics but then you know i don’t do BS.

    Leave the naysayers to find their own way…that’s their choice. If they won’t be persuaded then there’s no point.

    Big up the heroes, nurture the champions but most of all, enjoy the ride.


  2. Welcome to your next chapter Craig! Its good to have you join the brigade of the folks shaking up the tree!! It’s time for us to write an incredible story…


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