A win for the Netherlands

Huizen welcomes the Cloud

OK considering it’s the end of the EUFA 2012 I guess the title is a bit cheeky, but I can’t find a better way to call our latest SAP CodeJam event that took place in Huizen. With a great turn out of people, experts from SAP and some great food we were already being invited to come back in the first 20 mins of the event starting and by the end… they still wanted us to come back!

The event was focused on the SAP NetWeaver Cloud and our own Cloud Developer Evangelist, Matthias Steiner, was on site and had 3 of the experts along for the ride! We kicked off this event like the others with a short 5 to 10 min intro on SAP, Developers and how the whole idea is about communication and engagement — if they learn something today as well then all the better!

Then Matthias jumped in for another 10 mins or so and talked about SAP NetWeaver Cloud (formerly known as NEO) and some of the things going on with it.

Matthias Steiner

Personally I’ve not touched Java since 2005 (I think) so I was a bit slow to get my brain in gear but once I did even I had something deployed and ready to go and with all the code and developer tools sitting on my laptop I’ve been able to continue working on it as well, so for the next Cloud focused CodeJam I’ll be able to keep up with the big dogs!

Well perhaps not but I did feel better knowing that even with just basic coding skills and experience anyone is really able to get up and running very quickly; it’s not just a marketing line!



It was also fun discussing with folks there aswell about how they are approaching development, coding and the cloud and it was interesting for me to learn that PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby are still strong topics within the SAP communities!

I suggest you come by to check out the next SAP CodeJam event near you, or even contact us and request your own!

Coming up next is Stuttgart and Istanbul!

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