#monktoberfest… you’ll wish you had been there!


I’ve spent the last two days now in Portland, Maine in the US because I wanted to attend the second annual Monktoberfest event which is held and hosted by RedMonk.

Initially I wondered why Maine, however having been here now I realized that for their goals this location is one of the best suited for a small event of high powered talks and conversations around technology, social, ecosystems, open source, etc. granted due to the “Oktoberfest” theme of the event all the small craft beer places around add a wonderful and unique flair to the event.


I’ve meet several new folks as well as had a chance to catch up with several old friends and I’ve managed to setup a few follow up calls for next week as well; one thing I’ve always known about RedMonk and why I’ve always been keen to go to any event they do be it the NanoMonk event from long ago or these new ones now… the reason is so simple; RedMonk knows how to network and connect people. The people they bring together are some of the brightest and most intelligent people I know in our field and it’s always a privelage and a pleasure to listen to them and to talk to them after that. It’s a fun group of pasionate people!

I was asked what I thought of the event and although my answer has now varied each time it’s only varied slightly “great presentations, great beer, AWESOME people” a huge thanks goes out to RedMonk for being who they are and for making conversations possible – even though they are a company that do not do events ;-)

Some highlights for me were Tom’s presentation on the first day – I spoke to him later that night about it and told him that it was the first time I remember him speaking were I felt as though there was something tangible and direct I as an individual could do immediately. He really hit the nail on the head with it and spoke to many of us in terms of what can be done that will eventually lead to solutions to the larger problem and not just the fact that we have the problem.

I also learned passion in a whole new way when Leigh and Ryan shared with us the different craft beers that we would be tasting throughout the day and evening. If half the developers of the world had a fraction of their passion and insight into their own topics as those two shared with us, developers really would be the new king makers as James tells us.

This was reaffirmed with the the presentation from Mike made his presentation of his road trip and stops at several craft breweries along the way and he played a video from Dogfish Head owner to all of us. If more of us would think about collaboration and not competition we really could finally get stuff done!

I was also blown away by Steve’s presentation (granted at the time I was writing it had not shared the slides on Slideshare but check back soon) the morning of the second day on managing ecosystems and how he approached it from the bilogical/nature side using wildlife and national parks as examples. It made so much sense and anyone doing ecosystem or even just community management should pay close attention to that presentation.

All of the others were brilliant as well but those 3 really resonated with me personally and my current activities! This has become a must attend event and I will definetly be considering it for 2013 as well!

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